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About the Gem

Strawberries & Love

The Gem is... a secret spot to hide out, to take a moment for yourself. A place to meet loved ones or grab your favourite treats on the way to the beach. A stop on the way home from work to get your late-night goodies. A tranquility stop in a series of chaos. An escape from your daily errands to enjoy the flavours you loved growing up. 

Our aim is to create the most delicious, conscious, and wholesome treats for everyone to enjoy. Focusing on plant-based ice creams, dairy-free & vegan patisserie, specialty coffees, savoury pastries, and weekly specials for all diets.

Whether you're grabbing something on your stroll or you're staying to sit in the garden for a while, we wish to create a delightful experience. It's the greatest source of inspiration to see your smiles or stories of the joy our treats bring.

The Hidden Gem was created on a foundation of love, and we hope to communicate this love through every treat, coffee, and smile we produce.

Thank you for coming to find us, and thank you for eating our treats.


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