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Whole Cakes & Party Packs

Call us during open hours or email to pre-order your treats!


Whole Cakes

  • Vanilla Almond Cake: 8", serves 8-10. Double layered almond or vanilla sponge cake, vanilla frosting, and toasted almonds. Vegan.

  • Red Velvet Cake: 8", serves 8-10. Double layered natural red velvet cake with thick vanilla bean frosting. Vegan.

  • Cookies & Cream Cake: 8", serves 8-10. Double layered vanilla cake with vanilla bean frosting and Oreo crumble. Topped with more Oreos. Vegan. 

  • Chocolate Cake: 8", serves 8-10. Classic rich chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Vegan.

  • Limoncello Olive Oil Cake: 10", serves 10. A bright & moist lemon cake topped with candied lemon and icing sugar. Dairy-free.

  • Classic Carrot Cake: 8", serves 10. Double layered with vegan cream cheese frosting and topped with candied orange. Dairy-free or vegan, contains nuts & raisins.


Party Packs & Big Orders

  • A  Half/Dozen Sausage Rolls: Sold frozen. 

  • A Half/Dozen Cookies: your choice of cookie, times 6 or 12!!

  • A Dozen Muffins: Morning Glory / Strawberry Almond / Pineapple Coconut / Blueberry / Banana Chocolate Chip. Dairy-free.

  • A Bushel of Scones: 12 scones. Dairy-free or vegan, sweet or savoury.

  • A Dozen Ice Cream Sandwiches: Your choice of vegan, gluten-free, or dairy free. Or a combination. 

  • Wholesale Ice Cream: send us an email to inquire! 

A Dozen Oatmeal Cookies
A Dozen Almond Jam Drops
A Dozen Jumbo Cookies
A Dozen Muffins
Whole Límoncello Olive Oil Cake
A Dozen Strawberry Scones
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